Creating more value with APIs for retailers

Many businesses are struggling to create more value for their customers while finding meaningful ways to differentiate themselves from their industry competitors. A good starting point to tackle both issues is to offer digital value-added services (VAS) to online customers.

What are digital VAS?

More and more businesses worldwide are using application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate VAS into more touchpoints in their customers’ buying journeys. An API enhances a customer’s digital experience by offering an add-on capability to the core product or service offered by a business. For example, Nedbank clients can perform their traditional banking transactions on the Money app, but at the same time access API-enabled VAS like prepaid mobile data, airtime, store vouchers and coupons.

These digital value-added services give customers ultimate convenience. They enable the bank to offer multiple products and services that enhance the lifestyle banking value proposition, increase usage on digital platforms, and ultimately serve to cement customers to the brand. And while you will always be able to access VAS on the Money app, you can also offer these services to your own customers shopping on your digital platform.


The convenience offered by VAS can help you increase your customer base


Our VAS API is available to third-party partners in the Nedbank API Marketplace with a single integration point. This removes the burden of your business having to go through multiple vendor negotiations to consume and on-sell products. It also gives your business access to a fully digitised experience that allows you to analyse and respond to your customers’ on-demand purchases and purchase behaviour.

Digital VAS can help your business enjoy increased profitability by reinventing your customer offering. To reap the full benefits of VAS, you should review your industry’s consumer behaviour, your competitors and your market trends constantly.

Other VAS benefits to consider

  1. Entrench customers – VAS can create a stronger relationship with your customers, thanks to the convenience you add to their buying journey.

  2. New revenue streams – offering VAS through our VAS API can generate revenue streams that your business could not access previously.

  3. Gain competitor advantage – VAS could be the differentiator that makes your online offering more attractive to customers in your industry.

  4. Acquisition of new customers – similarly, the convenience offered by VAS can help you increase your customer base.

If you have more questions about how you can use our APIs, register your interest and we’ll have a specialist get in touch. Or you can explore some of the other APIs available.