Why partner with API Marketplace?

As the first in Africa to provide application programming interfaces (APIs) to meet open banking standards, we know what it takes to get your business ahead and put your customers’ app or web experience first.

What can we do for you?

Find the right API

Find the right API

Knowing which API is right for you can be difficult and time-consuming. We’re here to help.

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Our documentation is developed to ensure your API integration is seamless and successful.

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Why our APIs make business sense

Nedbank API Marketplace is an award-winning, sophisticated messenger that enables your systems to connect and communicate with ours, letting you leverage our data while integrating with our secure and scalable APIs.

  • First in Africa to provide APIs to meet the technical standards for open banking.

  • Reputable financial services provider with a range of banking capabilities.

  • Secure, integrated support from a dedicated expert team. 

  • Well-documented and developer-friendly APIs for seamless integratation.

What APIs can do for your business

growing profit

New revenue streams

Offer add-on products and services at low-risk, while improving business efficiencies.

being agile

Stay agile

Integrate different APIs into your platform as your business and customer needs evolve.

Innovate faster

Deliver new offerings to market faster with easy to integrate, low-development effort APIs.

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

Attract new customers and increase loyalty with multiple products and services for one-stop-shopping.

personalised experience

Personalised experiences

Access real-time data for a seamless online shopping experience tailored to your customers.

When it comes to APIs, security is key

You will need to subscribe to the Authorisation API and Subscription API before integrating with any of our APIs to ensure your platform, connection and data are bank-secure.



Nedbank uses OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorisation), the industry-standard framework for authentication and authorisation. Allowing for simple, standardised flows for developers to leverage and enabling users to give third-party access to web resources without having to share passwords.

request actions

Nedbank APIM uses RESTful APIs, the most popular, tried and tested way of creating APIs. REST APIs offer the benefit of a standard set of request actions to ensure our APIs are easy to code and provide adaptable outputs.

encryption security

REST APIs use HTTP and support Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption – a standard that keeps internet connections private and checks that shared data is encrypted and unmodified.

Security APIs

Authorisation API

Authorisation API

All Nedbank APIs use OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorisation. To successfully use other APIs, you must subscribe to this API.

Subscription API

Subscription API

Manage data related to customer consent and privacy through our Content Management platform, so you can store and configure data securely, manage consent protocols and stay on top of policy expiration dates.


We're going places with you

We’re committed to growing our API products by opening up our offering to more customers, businesses and countries, because when we expand, so do your opportunities.

New product offerings

We’re simultaneously evolving and simplifying our existing API products, while delivering new and exciting ones to market.

Enhanced developer experience

We’re continuously innovating our developer experience through improved API standards and practices, as well as evolving our current platform.

Efficient operations and support

We’re always improving automation and tool enablement for leveraging against database management.

International market expansion

We’re expanding our API offering to more African markets.

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Our clients make us award-winning

We’ve won a prestigious global award for Open Banking, a platform that is expanding and evolving Nedbank’s product offering at a rapid pace.