Why our Accounts API?

digital integration

Access a fully digital API-enabled bank feed.

reduce documents

Reconcile statements, create smart, shareable reports and online invoices and review cashflow from anywhere.

reduce time

Reduce time spent on manually importing data and improve financial performance with an up-to-date view of cashflow.

Help customers make better money choices

Want to add value? By accessing Nedbank clients’ account details, balances and transaction history, you can create an app that helps your customers manage their spending.

Nedbank and Xero launch a South African first

Nedbank Small Business Services, puts the Accounts API into action by collaborating with Xero to create a fully digital direct feed, letting small businesses and their accountants import transactions automatically from their Nedbank accounts to their Xero organisation, without using third parties.    



We're continually updating our APIs

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To ensure testing, integration and deployment is seamless and successful, we're always improving our APIs. You might have limited access until enhancements are available.

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Security APIs

You will need to subscribe to the Authorisation API and Subscription API before integrating with any of our APIs to ensure your platform, connection and data are bank-secure.

Authorisation API

Authorisation API

All Nedbank APIs use OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorisation. To successfully use other APIs, you must subscribe to this API.

Subscription API

Subscription API

Manage data related to customer consent and privacy through our Content Management platform, so you can store and configure data securely, manage consent protocols and stay on top of policy expiration dates.


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Credit Card Account Details API

Retrieve Nedbank credit card account and card-related details, account balances, card statuses and details relating to the card account and associated cards.

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