Why Customers API?

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Retrieve customer data

Get a customer’s full name, contact details, address (residential and postal) and ID number based on verified FICA information.

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Seamless user registration

Streamline your signup and registration process by using up-to-date information from our database.

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Single source of truth

We help maintain a master copy of client data, so any changes trickle down into all our systems, maintaining a single version of the truth.

Add a quick seamless verification feature to your app

Because we maintain a master copy of all our client data, any updates to personal information are pulled through to all our systems, so you always have a single source of truth. 

We're continually updating our APIs

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Watch this space

To ensure testing, integration and deployment is seamless and successful, we're always improving our APIs. You might have limited access until enhancements are available.

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Security APIs

You will need to subscribe to the Authorisation API and Subscription API before integrating with any of our APIs to ensure your platform, connection and data are bank-secure.

Authorisation API

Authorisation API

All Nedbank APIs use OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorisation. To successfully use other APIs, you must subscribe to this API.

Subscription API

Subscription API

Store, configure and manage customer consent and privacy data, consent protocols and policy expiration dates through our Content Management platform.


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Credit Card Account Details API

Retrieve Nedbank credit card account and card-related details, account balances, card statuses and details relating to the card account and associated cards.

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