Why our Wallet API?

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No certification required

Offer customers a store of value where they can use their wallet to spend on your platform, without you having to obtain a banking licence as required by the South African Reserve Bank.

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Wallets opened in minutes

With their name, SA ID number and SA cellphone number, employment, industry employed and source of funds, customers can open or link a wallet in minutes.

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Transact immediately

Once open, a customer can transfer money into their Nedbank wallet or bank account, purchase prepaid products, make cash withdrawals and pay account subscriptions in real-time.

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Be part of a bigger ecosystem

MobiMoney taps into a world of retailers and ATMs, allowing customers to make deposits and cash withdrawals, and easily keep their accounts topped up and active.

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Security APIs

You will need to subscribe to the Authorisation API and Subscription API before integrating with any of our APIs to ensure your platform, connection and data are bank-secure.

Authorisation API

Authorisation API

All Nedbank APIs use OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorisation. To successfully use other APIs, you must subscribe to this API.

Subscription API

Subscription API

Manage data related to customer consent and privacy through our Content Management platform, so you can store and configure data securely, manage consent protocols and stay on top of policy expiration dates.


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Value Added Services API

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Rewards API

Retrieve Nedbank customers' Greenbacks, which can be converted into loyalty points they can spend on your website or app. 

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